Dementia care

The care we provide

The incidence of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are increasing, which is why every UV Caregroup home specialises in this area, providing 24 hour specialist care for our residents who are living with dementia.

Our care staff understand the different types of dementia well through the training we provide. Whether experiencing memory loss, falls, communication difficulties, behavioural changes or other symptoms, we gently accompany our residents on their journey whilst being encouraging, supporting and reassuring at all times.

Residents are looked after in safe, caring environments where all our staff are specifically trained to be able to manage the changing needs of our residents, with training including the need to be patient, tolerant, and kind, as well as observant and encouraging at all times. Our staff are taught to always see the individual rather than the illness, and not the reverse.

The overriding ethos of UV Caregroup is to maintain warm, homely and non-institutional environments. Every resident living with dementia is able to relax in his or her own spacious private bedroom and en suite wetroom, or participate in as many of the social activities a UV Caregroup home has to offer, as each resident chooses.

If you would like to find out more and whether we can help care for you, or your loved one, please call our home and arrange for a visit at your convenience. Click here for a list of contact numbers or to send us a message.

It’s not just the surroundings which make a huge difference to caring for people living with dementia. Our chef is trained to produce fresh, home cooked, nutritious meals which encourage our residents to eat and participate in the very social activity of enjoying food and our leisure and wellness coordinators and care staff are all trained to provide stimulating individual and group activities. When excellent care combines with good nutrition, physical and mental stimulation, well-being and contentment are promoted, and that is what we wish to achieve for each and every UV Caregroup resident.