Meaningful Activities


KeeleHouse has a pleasent garden and sitting area. The facilities are overall spacious and provides the service users with plenty of space as to not make them feel claustrophobic.


The home can arrange a newspaper delivery service, please see the manager or senior on duty to arrange this service. This is a private service and you will be invoiced separately.


Care staff will also spend time with the service users, doing small activities like nails, chatting about the past and ensuring the service users are happy. The home has a selection of jigsaws, games and books available.


The activities coordinator organizes stimulating and wide-ranging shared activities to help individuals to follow their interests and hobbies. The activities coordinator will arrange 2 activities such as outings, bingo, etc.



Adequate parking space for visitors. There is plenty of space to manover around in order to make it easy for family members to visit their loved ones whenever they please


All personal laundry will be collected by the care staff and will be returned to your room after it has been washed and ironed.


We take care of the users religious beliefs and acomodate for any special needs to facilitate their religion.


Your room will be tidied daily and cleaned regularly. Although we will make every effort to avoid disturbing you there may be times where it is necessary to ask you to vacate your room for a short while during this process.


Basic repairs will be carried out, but zips or more serious repairs are not done in the home. The home does not provide a dry-cleaning service, if you wish to have clothing dry cleaned it is the responsibility of yourself or relatives to take the clothing to the dry cleaners and to collect it and bring it back.


The home has a safe deposit facility where small items may be kept. A lockable box can be provided on request for your room. Any item of value or money kept in your possession is your responsibility. You are advised not to keep large amounts of money or valuable items in your room.