Indi Toot

Nominated Individual / Managing Director

When did you get involved with the home:
I took over my first home Keele House in Ramsgate on 16 th February 2016 at which point we were just a single operator. We then acquired Kent House, Broadstairs in Feb 2017. Another local opportunity came to the market the next year and we acquired Treetops, Margate in June 2018. Our most recent purchase was that of a Nursing Home, High View Oast, Ash, Canterbury and this was in February 2019. We then re-branded ourselves U V Care group after the name of my son Yuvi. We are a family run-business and are focused on our core values and mission statement which is CANI, standing for Continuous And Never-Ending Improvement. A statement that we live to serve each day.

Little bit about yourself (including skills):
I came from an entrepreneurial family and learnt the value of hard-work from an early age. My parents and grandparents would have
wanted me to live up to their expectation of gaining an academic degree but this was not my dream. I always enjoyed living with my
grandparents growing up, so older peoples care has always been a passion for me even more so as I have seen my grandads needs
deteriorate and seeing how a proud man needs assistance in such basic tasks is heart-breaking. However I focus on the opportunities that he
has given to me and wish to add this into the lives of so many more older people who can all benefit from kind support from caring people.

What made you want to join the care sector:
After being based in a construction industry for many years I did not see myself staying there for a long time and wanted to do something else. I moved out of my family home when I got married and so didn’t see my grandad as much, I felt care homes gave me that connection of being able to play apart in older people’s lives, not just my family but those of so many other also. Coming from a Sikh upbringing we focus on something we call SEVA, this means serving others, something we are very committed to at U V Care group and hope to contribute to the local area for many, many years.

What you love about your care home:
I love the opportunity I get every day to work with all our lovely staff and trying to improve the lives of those that live with us, whilst giving reassurance to their loved ones that they are safe and well. This is all in partnership with all stakeholders that have an interest in the lives of our people.

Most important qualities/values your care home has:
We are strong believers that good and outstanding care is not a destination but a journey that we travel every day. Our map along this journey is CANI (Continuous And Never-Ending Improvement).